Process development

Do you have a new part to polish? Have you introduced a change of material or quality level? If so, we can develop the right process for you: definition of tooling (fixtures / carriers), plates, polishing pads, polishing slurries and machine parameters to obtain the desired geometry and surface finish.
While we are carrying out the work on your equipment, production will continue uninterrupted. There is no need to purchase products to be tested, and you can also avoid risks of contaminating your machines.
Once the test results have been validated, we send you all the parameters and supply you with the consumables so that you can reproduce the operation in-house.

mise au point de procédés
Of course, we will continue to provide support in terms of what really matters to you, i.e. production.

Formulation, manufacture and sales of lapping /polishing slurries

We have developed two slurry families: water-based and oil-based.

Depending on the material to be worked, the surface finish to obtain and the equipment on which you are working, we will use diamond, silicon carbide (SiC), alumina (Al2O3) or cerium oxide powders, as well as specific additives.
Since all the slurries are manufactured on our premises, we can fine tune the viscosity, powder concentration and many other properties to obtain the slurry fully corresponding to your use.

suspension de rodage polissage
As part of a responsible approach, our products are registered on the Swiss Confederation Chemicals Register.


We train your personnel at various levels: operators, setters, process engineering department, etc.
This training is dispensed by our specialists on your premises, under real conditions and on the production equipment, so that the participants are operations-ready upon completing their training.

The lifetime of a company is marked by changes, and the arrival of a new employee entails a learning phase.
To shorten this learning time to a minimum, and ensure that the person acquires the right methods, we provide support to prevent dilution of knowledge.

Thereafter, we will continue to provide support in terms of answering questions and giving practical advice to the trainees.


Your parts have at least one flat surface, and you want to guarantee the flatness, plane parallelism, the thickness and surface finish; that is what we do.

We can handle any type of part: trays, washers, main plates, bridges, windows, wafers, links, insulators, etc.
In all rigid materials: metals, ceramics, crystals, glasses, natural materials, composites, etc.
Down to very low thicknesses of 0.10 mm
For all sectors of activity: watchmaking, optics, medical, electronics, mechanics, etc.

We also perform final polishing, superfinishing or flat black polishing of flat surfaces on any type of part: bridges, wheels, balances, screws, dials, ratchets, hands, crystals, windows, wafers, indexes, etc.

pbmc- sous traitance
PBMC subcontracts on any type of material for thickness setting operations (down to 0.10 mm), in polishing and superfinishing (flat black polishing).

Turnkey workshop installation

Are you planning to set up a polishing workshop in-house, but don’t have the time, knowledge or resources within the company? We can take care of everything.
Definition of equipment, setting up process charts and procedures, personnel training, performance indicators, technology transfer, etc.

atelier de polissage
The project is developed on a custom basis, according to your expectations and your specifications.